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Race Night Guide

Stock Cars;
Replicas of the full sized F1/F2 stock cars, custom build, contact racing!! Six cell 7.2 volt G2 motor
or 10.5 turn core system with a S1 Lipo

Again replicas of the full sized saloons cars, A "nudge and spin" formula, Four cell 4.8volt G2 motor or 13.5 turn Core system with a S1 Lipo


6.00pm Hall open & track set up, all welcome !
6.20pm Book in & Practice, if track & PC are ready
7.00pm First race
10.00pm (approx) tidy up and put track away, all help welcome !

Track details;
Genuine oval shaped track, straights and corners are approx 1.55mt wide, a complete lap is approximatly 14mt, the infield has true semi-circular corners. Inner & outer track is made from 19mm ply lined with heavy duty plastic,
Lap counting is by hand
out transponders using the AMBrc system, this system is also personal transponder compatible.

Race format;
Three five minute heats and a final, sometimes four heats with best three counting
All three five minute or best three heats count towards grid position for the final

Heats points;        
Pole = 30pts
Second = 29pts
Third = 28pts
Fourth = 27pts
Etc etc

Final points;
First = 20pts
Second = 18pts
Third = 16pts
Fourth = 14pts
Etc etc


Marshalling is compulsory,
You will be asked to marshal the race immediately
after your own race

The club runs various events through out the year, entry forms will be on the down loads page as each event approches.